Thursday, March 31, 2011

Objectivity is overrated

I’m a local journalist; one of the few lucky enough to garner a regular paycheck. Not a big paycheck, once a month I splurge on brand name peanut butter – but that’s about the extent of it. At the encouragement, no, insistence of one of my editors (who shall remain nameless – married to a lawyer), I’ve decided to Babble.  Why did she insist? Well, let’s just say my left and right brains are having trouble reaching a peace accord, thus impairing my objectivity on certain subjects. (Apparently it is frowned upon to interject humor into the police blotter – even when the criminal is an ignorant tool. Who knew?)
Once a week or several times daily, depending on my societal tolerance, I’ll pop over here and jot down a little something. Could be a simple link, could be a three page tirade – I’m fickle that way. (Disclosure – tirades most likely to occur during school vacations and election years.)
Thanks for stopping by, visit again soon!