Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lit Laughter

Writing a book is like giving birth to a reluctant porcupine; the little bugger ‘s content  up there in creative-womb land, and plans to give you a Hell of a lot of pain making his way into the world.  And once that chord is cut – the pain has just begun.
And yet – I did it anyway; God help me.
Yes, my writer friends – I know outing a new work on your blog is frowned upon, (see previous Lunch with a legend blog post for the details). But my very creative sister forwarded this link today and I had to share. Warning: If you have a full bladder – empty it now – the laughter will consume you. Please watch before reading on (and yes – I checked it over for cyber bugs and spam-ola:
OK literary kin; who knows this guy? (Some of us ARE this guy!) Hope this little gem brightened your day – and keep writing!

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