Thursday, September 6, 2012

Change is Good!

Dear Babble Fans,

Just a quick check in to let you know Babble is going through a transformation and expected to resume on October 1st with a new address. (Shhh…don’t tell Blogger!)

Thanks for your patience!
How I spent my summer...




Anonymous said...

I've missed you. I checked your link several times to be sure I hadn't gotten unsubscribed somehow. I revamped my blog, too - but I stayed with Wordpress. Now I'm all about the Travel.

Kathryn Elliott said...

Hi Jane! I'm alive after a summer of deep edits and family chaos, but barely. With any luck, (and prayer), I'll have my new blog up on Wordpress by October 1st. Slow going with the back to school mania - fingers crossed! Thanks fore stopping by.