Friday, September 2, 2011

Twitter Thanks!

Hello Babble fans! Tonight I’ve got a little musical treat on tap. After my first official week of Tweeting, I’ve completely lost track of those followers I simply must thank, so I thought I’d take a minute and recognize their warm welcome in song. Keep in mind I have absolutely no musical training. (There was no need to mention that – you’ll see soon enough.)
It helps the song flow by singing along. Go ahead, belt it out - you know you want to!

Newbie Tweeter Anthem
(To the tune of God Bless America.)

Goooood bless my Twitter friends,
Aaaa - cross the globe,
I won’t stalk you,
Or mock you,
But I might mis-tweet now and again.

From the authors,
To the artists,
To the Mommies, drenched in drooooool,
Goooood bless my Twitter friends,
I think you’re all coooool.

Thaaaank God for cyber help,
Lost and confused,
What are hash tags?
Are they like trash bags?
I still don’t have even a clue.

Do I follow,
If I’m followed?
Is it considered, mean or ruuuuude?
Iiiiiii was raised Cath-O-Lic,
We obey allllll ruuuuules.

Gooooo away Twitter freaks,
Scammers with greed,
Don’t invite me,
To your site please,
I’m not buying crap that I’ll never need.

No free Botox,
No Viagra,
No investments, in your shaaaaams,
Goooooo away Twitter freaks,
I follow humaaaans.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Let the grilling begin!


Rachael Johns said...

What an awesome poem! Thoroughly agree with it all :)

Claudia Wood Rahm said...

I am almost cat used to tweet with my bff's dog.....but alas, cat died. My tweeting consists of retweeting..but you know what Aretha says, "re-re-re-re...tweet"?

Kathryn Elliott said...

Claudia - I got a follow today from an English Bulldog. Who knew they could type? :-)

Bethany C. said...

Oh.My. That was awesome. You have captured my feelings of Twitter in every possible way!

Kathryn Elliott said...

Bethany - Glad I'm not alone in my Twitter angst! Thx for stopping by.