Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you?

I remember September 11, 2001 as the day my rose colored glasses splintered into a million shards of disbelief. A day of crying souls, shattered families and sadness so consuming no words can describe its depth. We mourned the loss of lives, loves and our fundamental sense of safety. Thousands directed inconceivable rage toward the gentlest of faiths in desperate efforts to give evil a face, a name; when in fact the cowardly acts of few were solely to blame for the unimaginable tragedy.

Where was I that fateful day? En route home from minnow swim lessons, 1 & 4 year olds snugly strapped into their car seats, blissfully singing along with Barney; completely unaware of the horror unfolding with each passing second. I have never envied my children more.

Where were you?


Anonymous said...

I was in Los Osos, CA on 9-11-01. My husband had on the TV as I served him his morning coffee, but he had the sound muted. Glancing at the TV screen I thought I was seeing a trailer for a new disaster movie. As he and I shared a morning chat I saw the second plane reach its awful target and somehow I just knew this wasn't a movie trailer. For a while I was too stunned to think at all. I was just a sponge, trying to soak in what was happening. Watching the activity in New York was surreal. I kept relegating it to the part of my mind that watches movies and reads books. I kept thinking it could not be real. Then they announced that all flights in the US would be suspended indefinitely. Suddenly I understood this disaster in New York was about me, too. I was desperately homesick for my family in Texas and they were scheduled to fly to California the next day. Because people had flown planes into buildings in New York, I was suffering a loss. Certainly, this minor inconvenience in travel was not anything compared to the lives that were lost and the families who would never have their loved ones come home, but it was the one thing that finally made the images on a TV screen seem real to me.

Kathryn Elliott said...

Thanks for sharing, Jane. Such a terrible day.

Patricia Stoltey said...

We were at home in Colorado, still sleeping, when my husband's daughter called from NYC to tell us she was safe right after the first plane hit. We jumped up to turn on the TV and were horrified to watch the rest of the events unfold.

I'll never get those pictures out of my head, and they will always bring tears to my eyes.

To complicate things, we were scheduled to fly to California on the 12th because my father-in-law was to have surgery. We had to throw all our stuff in the car and take off on the 11th. Driving across the country and listening to the radio, we were struck by the eerie sense of isolation. There were no planes in the air and not all that many cars on the road.

Kathryn Elliott said...

Patricia, I think those pictures will live in our minds forever. Thank you for sharing.

Sheron Thorp said...

I was sitting in our theatre office avoiding doing work and answering emails about wedding plans in the near future. One of my bridesmaids was scheduled to fly from Boston To LA that day and I wanted to make sure she had her dress ordered. She decided last minute, not to go.
A member of the music dept. came in and said if we had a TV to put it on. We found one and found the same static on every channel only to soon discover that the static was smoke and ash over the city of NY.
I remember not knowing if we should run home or if it was safer to stay inside. It was like walking in slow motion. Our thoughts went to all the actors that had left days weeks before to return to their homes in NY.