Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teachers and other saints

I’m not a teacher, and the world is a better place for it. Trust me, there are those who possess the patience, skill and talent to work with young children – I am not one of them.  I volunteer, occasionally, in very, very small doses. And teachers, grateful for the extra hands, give me projects involving cutting, copying or other busy work– no student interaction; they scare me – I scare them , this arrangement works best.
In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, today’s Babble is a big, public thank you to all the educators out there making a difference.
You know you are a teacher if…

  1. Crayon sales excite you.
  2. You use cat litter to mop up vomit at home.
  3. Arguments with your spouse involve asking him/her to use their inside voice.
  4. When someone asks how many children you have, your immediate answer is 20 or more.
  5. You still get excited on snow days.
  6. Every garment you own has a paint, marker or ink stain.
  7. You secretly yearn to start an algebra lesson with, “You’ll never need this stuff in real life.”
  8. Open House should come with Open Bar.
  9. Graduation night makes you cry, too.
  10. The students you nurture take far more than knowledge from your classroom – they take a little piece of your heart, and leave the same with you.


Karyn said...

You are so kind...and I can say "amen" to each one!! Thank you!

Kelly said...

I think we could get lots of people on board wtih number 8.

You are so funny!!!! I love reading your rants.