Thursday, April 28, 2011

Common sense; no app for that

In recent weeks I have noticed an alarming decrease in my ability to form rational thought; I’ll give you an example. (Really, was there ever a question?) Like a lot of you, I replaced cerebral function with electronics long ago: GPS, Blackberry, iPhone – in fact, I’m fairly certain the right hemisphere of my brain ceased functioning with the invention of Google. Why think when there’s an app to do it for me?
Here’s what kicked my mental shortcomings into overdrive - fifth grade homework. (Show of hands; who feels my pain?)
My husband and I alternate homework duty; we find it cuts down on our chances of becoming institutionalized. Tonight’s assignment, map reading; remember maps? Yeah, me either; I have not read a map since Stella – my GPS, I find the name gives her a less invasive, more passenger-esque appeal.
The homework assignment was simple; translating distances between cities with an inches to mileage ratio. After much whining, (primarily mine), we completed the homework sans electronics; but I have to admit, my first thought was to plug the cities into Stella, and poof, problem solved!
Egad, did I just suggest cheating at 5th grade math?
After my little navigation lesson I decided dusting off the gray matter every once in a while could prove beneficial; but let me take this opportunity to pay homage to the technology gurus, I’d be lost without you – literally.

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