Monday, April 4, 2011

Get dirty

I love the smell of dirt. Not on my children or kitchen floors; but that delicious topsoil/spring mix aroma signaling winter’s end. And if that comment tempts Mother Nature into another dump of the white stuff, then so be it, we are no longer on speaking terms. My patio furniture is out, and it is staying out!
This weekend my youngest son and I got dirty; broke out the egg-crate thingies (still not sure what to call those), popped in the potting mix and traditional tomato seeds; Beefsteak, Cherry and Heirloom - and now we wait. We do well with hearty plants; garden Goliaths able to withstand soccer balls and enthusiastic Labradors, but this year my son wanted to branch out, pun intended; watermelons.
Watermelons give me angst. For those of us that fall into the horticulturally challenged category, tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs of any kind are acceptable crops; anything less self-sufficient creates problems. (i.e.-the Eggplant Disaster of 2010.)
One melon will be a success; two will be loaves and fishes. Fingers crossed.

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Anita said...

As a fellow horticulturally challenged soul, I feel your pain. Still, it sounds like you know more about gardening than me! And how fun that you hang out w/your son and garden together. ;)

Here's hoping you get your melon, and can feed the masses. LOL