Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To Clip or not to Clip

Did you see the coupon ladies on the Today Show this morning? I have new heroes! These clip-happy mamas saved over $40,000; I was inspired.  After my riveting morning dog walk, dish clean up and real job check-in, I started to coupon surf.
Holy cow, this can get addicting. I covered our staples first; milk, bread, chicken nuggets – then something went terribly wrong; a scary type of coupon madness set in. I couldn’t stop; I was Monty Hall meets Edward Scissor Hands.
$1 off Green Giant Brussel Sprouts. We all hate them, but for a buck off we’ll adapt.
$1 off Centrum Silver. OK, I take vitamins anyway, and I’m over 40 – what could it hurt? Maybe my knees will stop sounding like a rusty hinge every time I stand up; joints should be silent.
$5 off cat litter. I don’t own a cat! But its FIVE dollars! Wait, the coupon ladies said I could have a party and swap savings- brilliant!
Huh, now I need to have a party; snack coupons.
$3 off combo 2 liter Pepsi and Tostitos– (Note to self - Google Brussel sprout appetizers, must find use for hated veggie).
Buy One Get One Red Box Rental – Fantastic! I’ll have movies at the Coupon Party!
Stop; whoa, time-out. I needed to reevaluate my needs vs. wants. (A line I routinely use with my children – eventually it will sink in.) After an hour of more specific clicking and clipping, I threw in the towel. I admire those individuals gifted in the fine art of coupon thrift, but it is clearly a skill set absent from my wheelhouse.  I’ll commit to save $10 a week, but quit before I end up committed.

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