Friday, April 1, 2011

Perfecting the password

Passwords; those pesky cyber gatekeepers we all need to protect our identity and online shopping habits. (And Zappos – where the Hell are my peep-toe slides?) Here’s my problem, I am obsessed with finding the perfect password. I will not relent until the little password strength pop-up bubble tells me my selection is excellent. I will not settle for good - I must have excellent; type-A’s do not retreat! This mild OCD led me to this morning’s dilemma.
Although I have ghost written for others, this is my debut dip into the blog bayou; first item up, select title and password.
Ooooo…password! I must achieve excellent strength! Blogger – very helpful, offers suggestions.
 “Combine name of first pet and favorite ice cream.”
SnookyPistachio; too adult film star.
“Combine favorite color and sports franchise.”
GreenRedSox; sounds like an organic farm team.
Frustrated, I start to make my own combinations.
“Combine angry rant and favorite snack food.”
BitemeCheezeit; possibility. (and excellent)
“Combine breakfast food and childhood crush.”
WaffleFonzie; hmmm..getting warmer.
In the end, I found one that worked; and forgot it by this morning. (And if any of you say ‘that never happens to me’ – you lie.) Blogger graciously emailed over my excellent strength password, and after reviewing the email I couldn’t help but wonder; perhaps it’s time to cut back on the allergy meds, apparently they really do impair judgment.

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