Sunday, April 17, 2011

Library: A Mom Haven

When my harried domestic life threatens to implode, I circumvent a potential mental snap by hiding at the public library; it’s free, quiet and full of books - a personal Nirvana.
There’s a delightful scent when you first walk in, let’s call it Ode de Calm. (I loved Liz Taylor, but I’m pretty sure Ode de Calm would sell the pants off White Diamonds in the 25-45 female demographic.)
I’m all in favor of downloading books to your e-reader, but there are immeasurable benefits to regular library escape.

1. Silence – the blissful silence. You yell - you leave; no second chance. GONE.

2. People want to help YOU find things, and are HAPPY about it.

3. No one will ask you where their cleats, mouth guard or athletic cup are. EVER!

4. No one will tell you, in detail, how many video game Zombies they have killed.

5. The senior citizen Book Club can bake like the bomb!
Happy reading, and remember – library regulations vary. Call ahead and check the Zombie killing and cleat rule before venturing out.

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