Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Victory! The Garden Gods have smiled on our home this morning; inside our egg-crate greenhouse we have 25 – yes folks, 25 – sprouts! Of course these miniscule seedlings of pre-vegetation in no way guarantee plentiful crops, but they offer something much, much more - hope. (Too heavy for a Tuesday morning? Adjust – It’s my blog.)
You see my garden is more than a garden this year; it’s a promise – for my friend, the simple gardener.
I had a friend, her short life was measured in moments; simple moments in which small victories were celebrated and disappointments quickly forgotten. Her last days were full of challenges, but my friend, the woman who chose a simple life in place of simply living, showed me the true meaning of courage, the very definition of dignity and in far to a brief a time, what it truly means to live.
This talented harvester of wisdom imparted with me a respect for all things small; cheering a little league game, greasy hot dogs, good books and planting a garden - from first seed to final harvest.
So, my promise to her – for 10 minutes a day I will enjoy the simple pleasures of gardening, let go the insignificant chaos that comes with overscheduled suburban mayhem and celebrate little things. (And Sharon, if you wouldn’t mind – a little divine intervention on the watermelons would be appreciated.)


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Ann Ray said...

A lovely tribute to Sharon!