Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going global

Ten days ago I dove headfirst into the blog pool. According to the tallies I have 270 regular followers, 2500 page views and absolutely NO idea what either means. (Although, I have a sinking feeling a chunk of followers originate from Facebook, Twitter, New Jersey correctional facilities and my mother’s water aerobics class.)
Here’s what I find fascinating; Babble followers are turning up in places around the globe; Malaysia, Egypt, Japan, Morocco, Wyoming. (OK, Wyoming may not seem like a big deal, but I’ve never been there – so it’s exciting in my little world.)
Just for kicks I hit the magic translate button on Blogger to view Babble as it appears to my international audience – all six of them.
Wow; English is kind of drab.
Now don’t go calling me names; it’s still my language of choice - but what an amazing snapshot glimpse into other cultures.
If your computer, iThing or cell phone provides a language translation option– give it a shot, on whatever you may be working on. Just make sure you know how to switch back; finding the Undo button in Mandarin can be challenging.

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