Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cupcake Therapy

Once in a great while I allow myself a Pity Day; not a pity-party – that sounds too brief and cheerful, I’m talking a full 24 hours of whining , moaning and griping about anything and everything until my well of self-inflicted misery runs dry.  I like to think of it as some weird emotional colonic; flushing out the shame in one fell swoop, so to speak.
Mope-fest over, I start the new day with a positive attitude, big smile, and cupcakes.
Yes, cupcakes. What’s more positive and uplifting than a cupcake? OK – maybe Lotto wins, but winning cupcake percentages are much higher; I set realistic goals.
Now don’t go getting false illusions as to my culinary skills, but I bake my pity busting pastries from scratch. True, I’m less Mover and Shaker – more Hoover and Baker; but cupcakes are the Cliff Notes version of Betty Crocker baking.
Yesterday, my youngest son and I attempted homemade strawberry cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing. (Usually I’m a chocolate/vanilla icing chick – but I’m branching out.)
Here – I’ll post a pic.

Yum, right? Nothing shatters disappointment faster than frosting!  
Of course consuming 3 cakes prior to 9:00 AM today will undoubtedly hasten a second, massive diet blowing Pity-Day; but to heck with it FROST ON! Life is short – eat cake!


janesadek said...

Laughing all the way to the refrigerator.

Judy said...

There's a strawberry on that sucker. That makes it a food group.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Kathryn, I followed you here from Twitter and am really enjoying your posts. You have a lovely sense of humor.

I'm more the pizza for breakfast type now, but I remember the days (long, long ago) when rhubarb or apple custard pie for breakfast hit the spot.

Kathryn Elliott said...

Aw..thanks ladies. Always glad to spread a little laughter in today's crazy world! And thanks for the follow - great to have company!