Monday, August 1, 2011

Paper vs Plastic

No – not the great Grocery Bag Debate; I’m talking currency – Visa vs. Cash.
Our credit card bill arrived Saturday, a little debt inducing gift waiting to be unwrapped post-vacation. In my warped mind I envision our Visa account representative as a black and white film villain, sinister grin beaming from beneath precisely curled ends of a handlebar mustache.  
“Did you enjoy the wine tasting, my pretty? The spa day? Bwa-ha-ha! (That’s how I spell evil laughter). Your financial soul is mine now, and no amount of bonus points will save you!” (Cue bad piano chase music.)
Short of being tied against railway tracks, the three page statement did leave me fairly sticker-shocked; but not in a time-to-sell-a-kidney way. I’ve adopted the ‘cash only’ policy for most purchases, but emergencies happen.
14 hour car ride with the kids = Spa emergency
New Hampshire Outlet Mall = Retail emergency (They need school clothes, right? Maybe not fabulous gray suede boots, so yummy!)
Lobster rolls and local wine = Nutrition emergency. After all, we were visitors in Maine, how could I possibly insult the locals by turning down their fine food and beverages. I was raised to be respectful!
So the moral of the story – plastic is for emergencies. But remember, the paper to back it up doesn’t grow on trees. Oh wait, it kind of does.

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